Key Benefits of Using Living Water Process

The Living Water process can potentially boost crop yields and reduces overhead costs by optimizing water usage and enhancing soil microbe activity. It strengthens plant health, lowers soil sodium, and is ideal for both organic and conventional farming. Our product complements all fertilizer programs and revitalizes soil biology. Our automated technology ensures precise applications and eliminates the hassle of manual handling, making your farming operations more efficient.

Requirements for Living Water

  • Fresh Water Source - The freshwater source at the pivot irrigation site provides a sustainable and efficient means of watering crops, ensuring optimal growth and productivity in the agricultural field.
  • Electricity at the Source - Electricity is required at the source to power the bioreactor, but we also offer a solar option for a more sustainable and environmentally friendly solution.
  • IBC Liquid Tote or Tank - A standard IBC liquid tote or tank is necessary to integrate with our bioreactor on 15+ acres. Please ensure the tank is thoroughly cleaned before use to ensure optimal operation.
  • Injection Pump - An injection pump capable of pumping 1 gallon per acre is required to efficiently distribute the microbes across your fields.

Get Started Using Living Water

Getting started with the Living Water process is straightforward. When you place your initial order, you will receive the first month's supply of microbes and our patent pending bioreactor, which is sold separately. We've designed this setup process to be simple and easy to follow.

Still have questions? Reach out to us today, and a member of the Living Water team will respond to you as soon as possible.


About Our Microbes

Within the Living Water system, the selection and application of microbes are tailored to address specific soil deficiencies, ensuring that each farm receives a customized treatment plan for its unique soil composition. Our suite of microbial solutions—SoilPHIX, NitrogenPHIX, PhosphatePHIX, and specialty product GrowPHIX for greenhouse applications—plays a pivotal role in revitalizing and maintaining soil health. Here’s a closer look at the science behind these beneficial microbes and how they contribute to a thriving agricultural ecosystem

Frequently Asked Questions:

Yes, Living Water is designed to enhance any nutrient program and reduce plant and soil stress caused by years of harmful chemical inputs.

Each agricultural acre is billed at $5 per month. Please note, a minimum number of acres is required to access this rate. Specialized pricing is available for our Greenhouse and Garden applications. Please reach out to us for more information.

Most irrigated farms have all the basic equipment on site to perform the process. The Living Water starter kit apparatus is adaptable and customizable to your irrigation. This is a low one-time purchase and can be added to your order upon checkout.

Yes, each month on your original purchase date you will receive a recharge kit to replenish your bioreactor.

We only use well studied and tested microbials in our blends. Feel free to visit our technical section for more information on independent reports.

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